Woking on McLaren P13

The technicians of Woking are immersed in the development proces of the McLaren P13 , a sports which will have the advanced technology of MP4-12C  and P1 ,but it will be commercialized to more reasonalbe price of this two.So,the world is facing a supercar set to be the most widespread of the mark during the next years and an authentical rival to the Ferrari California,Audi R8,Porsche 911 or Lamborghini Cabrera.


Big surprises are not expected in its aesthetical plan or in its mechanics,wherein a new V6 turbo engine will provide maximal power of 450 hp.The objective of the mark is to create a sports of medium size with central rear engine ,propulsion and empty weight of about 1300 kg.

Its price could be the cherry on top ,so it is believed it will be about €140000 ,i.e €100000 less of the price of its big brother,the MP4 12C.If everything goes normally, the official presentation of McLaren P13 will be at the end of 2014.

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