McLaren P13 + spy shot

McLaren P13 ,the segment of the sport supercars McLaren is coming every time with more sophisticated and evolved products captivating at first sight.


McLaren P13 spyshot
McLaren P13 spyshot

After the last launches of Mclaren ,now the first details of the new model named P13 are revealed.It’s about a new supersport car following the tendence of the British manufacturer  and it’s expecting its arrival in the international markets to be realized at the mid of 2015.


Whether developing a new supercar makes the British firm count on a wider range of products and it can compete directly with the most exclusive manufacturers of the moment.The P13 has been designed for rivaling the Porsche 911 , so that we are faced to product more compact than usual, but more powerful and swift.


Otherwise is known that the McLaren team pretend to star back good balance in the international markets,delivering around 1.200 model per year ,the same number as 2012.In the beggining of the 2015 is  attending  increasing of the number to 4.000 units per year with the appearance of the new P13.


A major challenge just short of the top manufacturers and there is no doubt that McLaren is one of them.Its ambition and their risky bets are leading the English firm to the great success.For the moment it seems that the way chosen by McLaren is the right one.

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