650s predecessor of McLaren p13 and 12c

McLaren 650s
McLaren 650s

This is not the new McLaren baby.It is important to clear that in the beggining just to avoid any possible missunderstanding as the expected surprise of the close to 12 C design. The McLaren P13 will show up after an year , followed by more three or four projects, on which McLaren is working now.


McLaren argue that the 650S is not the successor of the 12C. But McLaren may be wrong-12C ,version 2 is here
McLaren argue that the 650S is not the successor of the 12C. But McLaren may be wrong-12C ,version 2 is here

So this is nt the McLaren P13 ,this is 650S. Even, just notice that it is not 12C 650S ,it is only 650S. Yes, i t looks like renew 12 C and it is attached to the standart form of renewing. The new name suggests of the extra power , the new face- P1. But the thing is , 650 S does not replace 12 C , it will be on sale with it. Or better, with € 25000 more expensive. We will find the reason of this positionning but later.

But meanwhile let’s discuss the 650S and see what we have here.Think of 650S as renew 12C, but not the way Porsche and Ferrari’s way.They focus on the sport, so the results are 911 GT3 and 458 Speciale-positive results. McLaren starts with numbers. “0 to 100km/h, 0-200km/h, 0-300km/h, the Dunsfold time, the Nordschleife time-this is the package of numbers”, explanes Mark Vinnels, manager of New Vehicle Programmes. “After ,we add the data of 200 different indications we track in 12C, the race cars and P1, these are the technical specifications”.

650S has to be faster than 12C. The numbers we have are 3,0s from 0 to 100 km/h and 8,4s from 0 to 200 km/h. At least these are the numbers McLaren announce for the possibilities of 650S. They are with 0,1s and 0,6s better than these of 12C. But there are not announced yet the times for tour. McLaren has its experience.

Striving to achieve the desired results, they needed more power. More power means better cooling, which means bigger heater, which means changes on the coolers holes, which means changes on the aerodynamics and the whole vicious circle. And all of this because McLaren wanted to take off 0,1s of the time from 0 to 100 km/h. Vinnels explanes: “ The cylinder head is different, stucked between the holes of the exhausting system, to improve the cooling. We have changed the shape of the pistons so the combustion chamber is new to improve the combustion and to have more power.We improve the cooling capacity too which means more energy”.

650s interior
650s interior

The values are the following : 650HP( that’s why the name is 650S) and 678 Nm. It is increased with 25 hp and 78Nm. People who drove it says it is faster. McLaren uses the unnecessary kinetic energy of the engine to release the clutch in transmission and send an extra rotating to the rear wheels. Which means there is no loss of power in acceleration. Clever.

Here is one more thing. Mark Vinnels said that the air flows from place with high pressure to places with low pressure. The greater is the difference of high and low, the faster they flow.  The 650S has higher resistance on the front. This means that the pressure is higher too, and from McLaren have been worked on the pressure reduction under the car. The final result : the air accelerates faster when it flows under the car. Pure pressure.

Instead of the technology and engineering knowledge nested in the 650S, the question is if the design is  really working. Not sure if taking the front of P1 and put it on a car more similar to 12C will bring the needed effect. The diamond cutted rims too, although they take to the standart carbon-ceramic brakes. Not big fan of the new gills on sideways. They may deliver more air but the 12C’s hoods are more elegant.

But who is going to buy it? The coupe 12C costs approx. €215.000 and it is sure that a lot of people pay extra more than € 25000 for options for 12C. Actually, the standart equippment includes carbon-ceramic brakes, Alcantara and camera for rear view, so the deal is good. McLaren says “650S is more profitable, if same levels of equipment are compared. The idea for the car was to be with 5 % better than the 12C in everything.


So,in any relation the 650S replace the 12C. And it it sure that the manufacturing of 12C is prolonged only till the first lot of 650S comes in April. Still hesitating? There is different message from the extra power, bigger brakes and the optional carbon trays of seats (they’re great). 650S is better in all respects.

McLaren deny to step back to the comfort. The changes in pads kept the comfort level, although the way of pads increased with 21%. No sacrifice was made about the noise level, fuel consumption or exhaust emissions. Or anything else. Because McLAren 650S is for irritable, inconsistent, jaunty people. They may will not notice the extra 40% pressure on 240km/h but they will be feeling sure in their car. The feedback from the steering wheel, breaks reaction, all of the immeasurable touch  feelings are improved.

The only suprising thing is that a company, maniac of the details have not invented better name. McLaren is working on the project for 21 months and they best they have done is 650S? Lack of imagination and abstract thinking. According to rumores there was a version for real name. So we guess if there will change it, it will be later. For now we accept it. But only if McLaren manage the electrical bugs that fell on the 12C( another reason 650S be distanced of 12C). In conclusion: this is not the little McLAren that we expected impassionately, but it is for sure successor of 12C. No matther how hard McLaren opposito to this, the car worth to be celebrated.

Price :approx. €215.000
Engine: 3799 cc, V8, 650HP, 678Nm
Dynamics :0-100- 3s; 0-200-8,4s; 333km/h
Gearbox : 7-speed gearbox McLaren SSG with double clutch and advanced switch.
Fuel consumption: 11,7 l/100 km(mixed), 275g/km CO2
Mass :1354 kg
Mclaren 650s
Mclaren 650s

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