McLaren is preparing the arrival of P13 ,its cheapest model

The British car manufacturer McLaren has planned till the summer 2015 the launch of its new P13, which will be its cheapest sports car.

From now till 2017, McLaren has planned to launch a new model every year.In 2015, the bet of the British dealership is to sell the P13 ,the sports car that will be placed in the lower range of the gamma of the trade  economically.

Initially,the same summer will start the commercialization of the P13 in its coupe version,while it is expected in 2016 the cabrio version.

In this way,the McLaren P13 would become the 3rd model of the British gamma, after the MP4-12 C which meant the recovery of the brand  and the extreme supercar P1-about the hit in the markets.

Regarding the numbers of the auto productions, there are rumores of about  4000 units from the factory per year ,while its direct rivals would be the future Mercedes AMG GT or the most powerful versions of Porsche 911, among others.

Also,regarding the technical aspects ,the company has already leaked some specific features,as the body of carbon fibre adapted ot the 12 C ,or the same engine V8 3,8l and twinturbo but adapted to maximal power of 440 CV.


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