McLaren P13 V8 Sports Series confirmed to be launched for spring 2015

The new McLaren P13 – the junior sport car  n the  apprentice Mclaren line-up  will be out in spring 2015, said the company.


And here is the first official photo  of McLaren 911 with doors up, which confirms, confirming that will have the swan doors made famous on the P1 and 650S.


The V8 will be branded as part of new Sports Series, Woking has announced. The importance of this? The word “series” confirms the new car will be one of the car series.


This additional photo joins the disguised photo issued earlier in November, suggesting our artist’s impression wasn’t to far off the pace. The 12C/650S heritage is easy to be seen.


McLaren Sports Series: what we know about P13


The The November 2014 issue of CAR magazine took a glimpse on the new Mclaren P13.


This model uses the same carbonfibre MonoCell as the bigger 650S family – and essentially the same 3.8-litre V8, although detuned for its more lowly merely-got-to-beat-a-911-Turbo status.


This is more of a daily driver, and McLaren has made the sills slimmer to ease access, the cabin is spacious and there is more space for luggage too.


We expect a Mclaren P13 coupe first, followed by a spider and a lightweight GTS. It is known that the Sport Series range will be set by the end of 2016, by this time Woking will be producing 4000 cars every year.


The body boards of the new Mclaren P13 model will be aluminium:


Those in 650s are carbon fiber. It is said that it will cost two-thirds of 650’s, which

goes approximately 135,000 pounds – smack-blast between the Porsche 911 Turbo and quicker 911 Turbo S. It is expected the prices to stretch from 110,000 to 150,000 pounds, lower that, lower that the McLaren 650S.

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