McLaren p13 and all about the new car !

The first sketch of the McLaren 13 was publicated with new facts including.The presentation of the new model is to resemble the P1 . Also, the McLaren P13 ,which will be presented in the upcoming year in Geneva Show ,has been hunted circuit with extended camuflage which leaves us guessing about the definiive body of the British spectacular supercar.


The McLaren P13  was presented but as sketch.As you can compare in this link, the new British sport car is very similar to McLaren P1 mthe supercar of the Woking house.The illustration was made by Autovisie with a drawing of the design chief of McLaren, Frank Stephenson.


McLaren p13 sketch
McLaren p13 sketch

The model of the brand series is P13 will be  sporty entry-level model with inferior performance of MP4-12C ,and of course ,of McLaren P1. This is a point that has confirmed itself Mike Flewitt ,the executive director of the brand.


The idea of the responsibles of the brand of Woking is to create a direct rival for the almighty Porsche 911 and they already have it enought advanced ,because they plan to present it in the Geneva Show in 2015. They explained that the strating price of the item will be 145.000 Euros.


The sales manager of McLaren Automotive Europe ,David Brimson ,describes the new model as “a sport car with high performance with the same DNA of 12C and P1”. In fact ,The McLaren P13 will use a chassis made of Carbon fiber as the others two cars of the brand.


After the first image also has spoken about the engine :a block V8 of 3.8 l twin-turbo able to perform 450 and 500 HP.It is possible to couple automatic gearbox of double clutch and 7 velocities which will allow accelerate of 0-100 km/h for less than 4 seconds and achieve maximal speed of about  300 km/h.


Also ,a few days ago was caught in circuit and in these pictures you can see it.This is the first time when McLaren was disturbed to put an extensive camouflage in a test model, which will reveal the definitive shape of its body.This has a serious drawback :it doesn’t allow to see a big quantity of details but it’s true that the car will have very sport style with lateral air intakes and back part which makes echoes like 12C.


The new sport supercar of McLaren will be smaller and thinner than the models which are in sale now , so its weight won’t surpass the 1400 kg of the 12C.

There are others options for confirming but true – the working on a convertible variant and one version sportier of Porsche GT 3.

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