All eyes on McLaren P13 future

In the past year McLaren came back after many years of absence in Geneva Show ,and grabbed all eyes.The McLaren P1 took over to reduce protagonism of Ferrari LaFerari and of Lamborghini Veneno  so the Itlian brand took for celebrating its 50 anniversary.

This year for change  as there are a lot of comments and non-confimated officially, McLaren is rebooking its place in the Parisian Show showing a new sport car , a project in development named for now P13, althought it’s logical that this won’t be its definitive name.


It will be the sporty car which will be placed below  the 12C and it will compete with cars like Porsche 911 or the substitute of Mercedes SLS AMG which will be presented too in the end of the year.The new baby of the British brand has the same engine 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo as the 12C and P1 ,but duly adjusted for power.

The Parisian Show,as everybody knows is a bi-annual appointment which alternates with the Frankfurt Show , will take place in the end of the year ,concretely from 4 to 19 october.

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