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McLaren P13 V8 Sports Series confirmed to be launched for spring 2015

The new McLaren P13 – the junior sport car  n the  apprentice Mclaren line-up  will be out in spring 2015, said the company.   And here is the first official photo  of McLaren 911 with doors up, which confirms, confirming that will have the swan doors made famous on the P1 and 650S. The V8…

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McLaren P13 – to be named 500S

According to a recent report, McLaren’s entry level sports coupe can be called the 500S.   Till now it was considered, that this vehicle will be badged as P13, but now “Winding Road” says, it might be named 500S. It is set to take on the Porsche 911 Turbo, the Nissan GT-R and the forthcoming…

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McLaren P13 design finished !

McLaren Automative reached the finishing part in development of his model with code title P13. British media quote people from the brand technique headquarters, according to which two variants of the designs for this automobile are prepared, and the leadership is very close to signing one of their for producing. McLaren P13 will be mounted…

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650s predecessor of McLaren p13 and 12c

This is not the new McLaren baby.It is important to clear that in the beggining just to avoid any possible missunderstanding as the expected surprise of the close to 12 C design. The McLaren P13 will show up after an year , followed by more three or four projects, on which McLaren is working now….

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McLaren 650 S & P13 concept

The car is positioned close to the known MP4-12 C and the expected McLaren P13 ,but includes some new designer elements that we see in the hyper car F1 too, and flying doors ,of course. The lights are LED ,new spoilers and aerodynamic elements increase the cohesion, the hand drive has more sensitive options. Empty,…

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McLaren P13 : the shortest weapon of Woking

In the house McLaren are so satisfied of their new generation of sports car that they already prepare the arrival of new one, named internal the P13.As it is seen on the pictures, it would keep the aesthetics ADN of the P1 but it will have less powerful engine than the MP4-12 C and it…

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Woking on McLaren P13

The technicians of Woking are immersed in the development proces of the McLaren P13 , a sports which will have the advanced technology of MP4-12C  and P1 ,but it will be commercialized to more reasonalbe price of this two.So,the world is facing a supercar set to be the most widespread of the mark during the…

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McLaren is preparing the arrival of P13 ,its cheapest model

The British car manufacturer McLaren has planned till the summer 2015 the launch of its new P13, which will be its cheapest sports car. From now till 2017, McLaren has planned to launch a new model every year.In 2015, the bet of the British dealership is to sell the P13 ,the sports car that will…

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No more windshield wipers

McLaren’s British engineers are working hard on new technological approach to replace the need of windshield  wipers. Frank Stephenson, the chief designer of the trade confirmed the initiative in interview for the Sunday Times of London.. To achieve this ,the ultrasonic tranducer that converts electrical energy into sound waves of high intensity, is directed to…

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Direct attack on the Porsche 911

McLaren launches competitor to the Porsche 911 . The named P13 will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show after one year and will be priced at € 150,000 . This model comes in the price scale between Porsche Carrera S and Turbo. With its design , borrowed from supersport McLaren P1, McLaren P13 seems…

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